We transported Cooper Parry’s employees through time for their Christmas Party.

1887 saw them visit a Victorian apothecary and time travel themed drinking esablishment featuring dark stained pallet bars with scaffold roofs and our standard pallet bars with pallet roofs; complete with bespoke signage, edison and festoon lights and Randal, our famous grizzly bear.

1923 transported them to the world of gangsters and guns with peaky blinder style decor including black oil drum poseur tables, poseur stools, black street lamps, brick printed backdrop, another wooden bar, boxing ring stage; all styled with small details like a vintage gramophone, candles and bespoke signage.

The 1967 summer of love room included a fairy light curtain with vibrant coloured drapes, LED starlight dancefloor, hippiesque low level seating, cushions and pouffes.

A sweet stand and retro school lockers were installed for the 1980’s room.