We are working hard to reduce our business carbon footprint and we take effort in logistically planning our daily deliveries to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

We are also making a conscious effort to minimise the use of paper and move online to ‘e’ documents in terms of paperwork across the board from accounts to production.


Event production is known to be quite a wasteful industry as a lot of materials can be used for a one off event. However we are committed to maintaining a responsible business without compromising functionality and quality of service.

We are working on a series of initiatives to ensure a more sustainable and ethical approach to business that minimises our impact on our planet by reusing and repurposing where possible at first off. We are constantly on the lookout for new possible ways of doing things to reduce waste and our carbon footprint with the materials we use.


We have taken steps to reduce single use packaging as much as possible by replacing the majority of our product packaging with reusable, padded, tailored to fit fabric ‘bags’ to protect them during transit and the product’s longevity.