This bespoke installation for the popular London venue Pergola on the Roof transformed the venue space into a stunning woodland scene.

The central tree feature had a 3ft diameter base and tapered towards the top with branches spanning out to 3 meters in all directions. The branches were supported by the pergola structure above with thick foliage and a hint of white berries. The tree had artificial vines, ivy, moss, toadstools and fungi bottle holders decorated around the trunk.  Finished off with tree stump tables to surround and frame the tree.

Ivy and winter branch foliage were installed on the roof of the pergola to provide roof cover along the lines of the pergola structure.

Pergola up rights had winding thick vines from bottom to top encasing the upright. The remaining uprights had minimal vines to provide a woodland effect with ivy.

Terrariums were hung from the pergola structure and central tree with moss and internal lights to create a glow.

Credit to: Story Events