Rustic Poseur Stool with Blue Leatherette Seat Pad

Rustic Poseur Stool with Blue Leatherette Seat Pad

The Rustic range, or pallet furniture range as it is also known as, is a perfect choice for anyone seeking rustic event furniture with a natural feel. It is a popular option with both our corporate and private clients due to its timelessness and versatility, suiting a variety of indoor and outdoor event styles and themes.

This poseur stool is available with a natural wooden pallet style base and blue leatherette seat pad. A great option for your Greek or British themed event. Pair with our lemon & bougainvillea trees, as well as furniture with pink and yellow seat pads for a Greek inspired event. For a British themed event, use alongside our red & white furniture options.

Pair with our poseur tables for the ultimate event bar area.

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