2m Wide Green Carpet Price Per Meter

When styling your chosen venue, it's important not to overlook the fitted carpet. If it could do with a new lease of life then our wide selection of carpet for hire will enable you to transform the entire room as you desire.

Available in 2m wide, our green carpet offers a stylish alternative to the venues available flooring.

The perfect addition to give your guests a grand entrance as they arrive. Or if you'd prefer to change all of the flooring then our carpets for hire are charged per meter making this a flexible and cost-effective option.

Why we love it:

As a disposable product we guarantee we will only supply fresh new carpet every time. A protective cover comes as standard with all of white carpets, of which we recommend only removing just before you guest are due, ensuring your black carpet is in perfect condition.

Our black carpet is cut to fit your venue by our highly trained carpet fitters and comes on a 30m long roll.
We can use lock-lift to attach the carpet to existing carpet ensuring a safe fit with no residue after removal.

Key features:

Other widths of carpet are available including 3 and 4 meter wide rolls.

We can sell our carpet by the meter of if you prefer we can install to your spec.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 200 cm