This fully themed corporate event saw us transform Badoo’s head office space which consisted of a lift entrance, reception area, walkway, catering and kitchen area into a Safari themed office party.

The reception and hallway featured lots of different bespoke printed safari themed backdrops, props and a bespoke foliage wall.

The bright red reception desk was covered with a custom built wooden fascia to be more in keeping with the theme.

We draped the sides of the walkway to hide all the office desks and pods which was then completely covered in ivy, jungle vines and foliage to really transform the office space.

In the dance area we installed a foliage hoop with fairy light strings which fanned out to perimeter of the room.

A food and drink station called the ‘watering hole’ and also known as our jungle bar was set up in the kitchen area and consisted of a pallet bar covered with tiki bar thatching on the front.

It wouldn’t be a safari event without our animal props so our hanging monkey, parrot, zebra and giraffe had to make an appearance.

Other safari decor included tiki masks, ficus trees, bespoke signage, kentia palms, vintage suitcases and hurricane lanterns.

Credit to: Yellow Entertainment