Halloween is such a great time of year for event production companies as we thrive off creative briefs that call for complete venue transformations, turning venues from the norm into spectacularly spooky settings. They’re great fun to be a part of from the planning stages right through to installation.

There are so many creative Halloween themes to choose from, so we’ve picked out some of our favourites and shown you how you can incorporate each one into your event to bring these themes to life.  

Vintage props paired with some classic Halloween props is all it takes!


This is a classic Halloween theme that is still a favourite to this day and it’s super simple to achieve the heavily derelict haunted house look. Vintage props paired with some classic Halloween props is all it takes. We’re talking dust, cobwebs, sheets on furniture, peeling wallpaper, withered, torn curtains or drapes, flickering candles on candelabras and chandeliers and old portraits & paintings.  

Whether you’re taking inspiration from films such as Disney’s ‘The Haunted Mansion’ or something a little more frightening like ‘The Others’ or ‘The Woman in Black’, you can make this theme as creepy as you want to! This theme obviously works well when transforming a home however it’s also easy enough to install this theme into any other hired venue with our talented production team.

works well when paired with the haunted house theme!


Another traditional Halloween theme that works well when paired with the haunted house style is a haunted cemetery. This notoriously creepy setting can be achieved with gravestones placed randomly around the venue, positioning some at odd angles to make it look like your cemetery is old and neglected. Use coffins, skeletons & lanterns to add to the effect and even position some skeletons next to the graves or out of the coffins to make it look like they’re waking from the dead. We even have cemetery gates that can be dressed in ivy to make the scene even more authentic.

Use strategic cool coloured uplighting like blue and green to highlight gravestones and skeletons and smoke machines to create an eerie atmosphere that will make the hairs stand up on the back of your guests’ necks- it just isn’t as spooky without it!

A mixture of frozen and autumn trees in varied sizes would look super spine-chilling amongst the gravestones to create depth and shadows.

a whimsical celebration which is reflected
in the props and decor!


Unlike the previous themes we’ve looked at, this colourful Mexican commemoration of honoured spirits is a whimsical celebration which is reflected in the props and decor. The more colour the better with this theme which is why we love it!

Colourful string papel picado and paper lanterns should adorn the venue’s ceiling with festoon lighting running alongside them. For an impressive Dia de los Muertos, skeletons and sugar skulls intermixed with flowers and butterflies can be placed around the venue and on table centres amongst La Catrina, crosses, altars and pillar candles.

Drape your entranceway in red velvet drape with a black voile pelmet and fringe curtain to welcome guests to the festivities.

roll up to the spookiest show in town!


There’s nothing much scarier than creepy clowns so roll up to the spookiest show in town! Black or derelict red and white ceiling draping with festoon lights are a key element to combining the circus and Halloween themes. Big top drapes will immediately make your guests feel like they’re at the circus.

Incorporate classic circus props like our circus stalls, circus plinths, circus posters and animal props to add to the circus theme. Finally, feature skeletons, skulls & bespoke creepy signage to add that disturbing twist.

If you have a Halloween party coming up that needs that WOW factor, get in touch with one of our creative project managers who can help you transform your space!