Office parties are a fun way to transform your corporate office into a vibrant and entertaining space for your colleagues. Whether you are holding a corporate celebration, or simply looking to boost morale by throwing a fabulous after work drinks reception, More Production are here to give your events that extra sparkle. 

Safety is at the forefront of all events and with the end of covid-19 restrictions, the event industry is seeing a rise in enquiries for live events in 2021. This is great news for the industry and a huge leap in the right direction, getting back to ‘normality’. However, event planners will still have to cautious keeping covid-19 in mind, and we want to make your events as safe as possible. Which is why the growing trend of office parties is becoming one of the most popular and preferred style of events as we transition back into life post covid-19.



Long before the pandemic, many of our clients opted to hold their annual parties, product launches and conferences within their offices. Offices are spaces that can easily be transformed, with less physical restrictions than your usual event venue. You are familiar with the space and have ‘free rein’ as it were, to create a fun environment for your colleagues.

More Production have worked to many themes in many offices, from Neon Jungle to Mad Hatter and from Vegas to Festivals! We have done it all! Our bars, food stations and other bespoke production are fully customisable, not to mention easily moved into and around offices of all shapes and sizes. Our team of theming and design experts are able to use our in-house props and décor items to create new dynamics within any space. We also have a huge configurable furniture range which is not only sustainable, but also customisable! Want your logo on a seat pad or table? No problem!

We have worked in private corporate offices underground and we have worked in some of the biggest skyscrapers in the UK (Sometimes events on the roof!), so there is no challenge too big or too small.

Immerse your colleagues into a fully themed experience

You will have already found the most cost-effective venue for your event, eliminating any venue hire fees, and if you have set aside a budget for theming and production, let us know and we will find the most accommodating solution to your design requirements.

If you have an office event in mind, but do not know where to start, get in touch with our talented design guru’s and we will help you immerse your colleagues into a fully themed experience. 

You can contact the team via phone 01455 615764 or email We would love to hear from you and collaborate on your office event.