There’s no doubt that following a year of lockdowns, a big celebration party will be at the top of many people’s minds. To help inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of the best post-Covid event themes, where we’re sure you will find the most epic theme for your next party.

Creative event themes are an amazing way to take any party to the next level, transforming a venue, adding depth and character to a space – ensuring your guests have an awesome time and step away from a very memorable event.

Our list includes tips on how to turn favourite party themes like Festival or Circus into truly unforgettable event themes. Our suggestions offer a range of décor ideas from drapes to furniture and props.

re-create the festival vibe with a Glasto or Coachella inspired event


What better way to bring everyone together in a fun atmosphere than with a festival themed party? While we may have missed out on all the fun festivals last year and the majority of festivals this year, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still re-create the festival vibe with a Glasto or Coachella inspired event. Whether it’s a corporate party, or a special occasion, no event is too big or small to add a dash of sparkle and colourful bohemian chic.

A venue with plenty of outdoor green space would be the perfect place to accommodate you and your guests and you will find plenty of opportunities for festival-inspired decor in this type of environment.

Create tempting nooks, alcoves, and dens for your guests to recline and relax in with our rustic pallet furniture and bean bags. Mix vibrant seat pad colours to create a rustic and quirky atmosphere.

Lighting is one of the most important and effective ways of decorating an outdoor space. Combining outdoor festoon lights with colourful bunting will make your event stand out, creating a whimsical ambiance when the sun starts to go down and the lights can take full effect.

Scores of Festival Flags have now become one of the defining visuals of the modern British summer festival scene, it’s considered as vital as trendy wellies, waterproof clothing and paracetamol. So line entranceways and walkways with festival flags to create a truly authentic environment.

It wouldn’t be a festival event without a selection of food and drink so make sure you have stations set up for your guests, our pallet bars are a perfect option for this. You can even customise your bar with a glitter front or with bespoke signage!

Lastly, use festival signs as decoration throughout your event site but also as a practical way of directing guests to certain areas of your event.

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It’s a classic and one of the most
popular party themes of all time!


From The Greatest Showman to Carnival, circus themes are a classic and one of the most popular party themes of all time! And for good reason too, the circus theme lets you go big when it comes to setting the stage and decorating the space as there’s so many options for you to choose from!

What’s more fun than throwing the most magical and spectacular circus affair in town? It’ll be a day under the big-top, and what better way to make your guests feel like they’re there than to actually re-create a big top with ceiling drapes? Seeing as we’re specialists in draping, you’ve come to the right place! Using red, yellow or white ceiling drapes in a radial formation, we can create the circus tent effect and it’s one of the best ways to reflect the circus theme at your event using decor.

To wow your guests and make them feel like they’re entering a working Big-Top, fill your venue with our circus-themed props, including animal props, such as our grizzly bear, baby elephants, monkey and lion. Circus stalls, circus posters and our roll up roll up sign are also great additions to this theme.

Circus decor features vibrant hues, so you can use boldly coloured furniture such as our coloured tolix stools and colours furniture range, along with our circus bar to set the tone for the space.

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A vibrant, fun & urban theme with a hint of creative chaos!


Enter our Neon Jungle…A vibrant, fun, urban theme with a hint of creative chaos, which transports guests into the mighty tropical jungle with added bright lights, jungle leaves and a colour explosion.

A theme which can be adapted and shaped dependent on your venue size, requirements, and style preferences. Neon Jungle has a wide scope for interpretation, so whether you want to go down the 80’s club tropicana route, or a more traditional jungle theme, consisting of realistic camo and foliage to embody your jungle vision in its truest form, we can help.

Some of the key signature props and décor for this theme include neon glitter bars, custom giant neon inflatables, custom modular furniture, LED uplighters and a tonne of artificial trees and foliage.

Create a centrepiece at your neon jungle event that your guests will be amazed by with our giant neon inflatables, which can be hung from the venues ceiling. These custom designed props were created to resemble giant leaves in a jungle and look perfect alongside our white LED flowers that glow under neon lights.

Use our colours furniture range with brightly coloured seat tops alongside neon glitter bars to accentuate the neon elements of this theming.

Flood the outer areas of the venue with palm trees, kentia palms, life size jungle animal props, ivy garlands and hundreds of metres of foliage to tie the whole theme together and leave guests constantly gazing around the room.

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Revel in the roaring twenties with our
1920s themed props & decor

1920s THEME

2020 was supposed to be the year the roaring 20’s were re-imagined through events, however Covid had other plans. So we’re bringing it back for 2021, and it’s the perfect Christmas party theme!

It seems quite fitting that the result of speakeasies and Prohibition in the 1920s was a major shift in social life, which is something we have all experienced with the recent pandemic.

When you think of the 1920s theme, you can’t help but think of The Peaky Blinders, so whether you’re going for a posh ballroom, the beer-soaked floors of the Garrison or a day at the races, we have everything you need to re-create each style.

Transport your guests to the gritty urban cobbled streets of industrialised Birmingham with props such as oak barrels, black street lamps, brick backdrops, oil drums, corrugated iron bar, industrial furniture, cargo crates and more. This style pairs nicely alongside our traditional furniture range of Chesterfield sofas and wrought iron poseur tables.

Alternatively, re-create the Gatsby glamour; and roll out the gold post & rope. Create the ultimate style with our draping expertise, our black and white dance floor, chaise lounges and art deco backdrop, all paired beautifully with our decadent vintage props such as gramophones and tiffany lamps.

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From Greece to Morocco, Paris to Japan, let us transport you all around the world in one night with our Around the World theme.

With so many countries to choose from, the theming and decor options are endless! You could even think outside the box with this theme and base a section of your event centred on up in the clouds, the spirit of adventure and chasing one’s dream by having travel inspired props and theming.

Make it an adventure they’ll never forget by decorating with iconic landmarks such as our light up Eiffel Tower Prop, a perfect set piece for a night in Paris inspired segment.

Discover the magic of Morocco with bold, vibrant, colourful décor and drapes. Purple, gold, red, yellow, pink or orange ceiling and wall drapes will transform your venue and add some exotic flare to your event. Create a cosy, laid back and warm atmosphere with our low-level benches, palm trees, Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan pouffes.

Transport your guests to a Japanese blossom garden with our beautiful artificial pink and white blossom trees. Pair these with our hanging paper lanterns, oriental screens & paper parasols to really set the scene.

Take your guests on Safari to the Serengeti or on a treck through the Amazon with our Safari or Jungle inspired props. From animal props to trees & foliage and jungle bars, we have it all!